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Our first community appliance!

Thanks to Anil Mahadev (, we have our first community built appliance virtual machine! This image is an Ubuntu OS with DB2 Express-C and the TE installed. You can download it from the IDUG site: . You'll need to register, but that's free and this image is a great way to get started with DB2 and the TE.

Thanks for the hard work Anil!

Posted by Brian Olynyk 2010-02-23

TE Version 3.5.1086 is ready!

Lots of bug fixes, an improved menu layout, and some new tutorials! Download it now!

Posted by Brian Olynyk 2010-02-23

TE Version 3.5.1086 is ready!

Lots of bug fixes, an improved menu layout, and some new tutorials! Download it now!

Posted by Brian Olynyk 2010-02-23

New Technology Explorer Release 3.5.901

As always we strive to build a better monitor. This release is primarily bug fixes, but there's new workshop content as well. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Posted by Brian Olynyk 2010-01-15

The Technology Explorer v3.5 for IBM DB2 is available!

We've included a half dozen tutorials to help you get started with DB2 9.7 that was just released today! There are also a few new views that take advantage of the new DB2 9.7 monitoring improvements. There's a new RSS reader built into the TE that will keep you up to date as we come up with new features as well.

One of the most exciting new features in the TE is the new dynamic column type. Once you define this column, it will automatically refresh and show you how much the value has changed since the last update. You can check this out by looking at the buffer pool effectiveness view, by going into the Statistics menu, then buffer pools, then Effectiveness.... read more

Posted by Brian Olynyk 2009-06-19

Try the new TE!

We've updated the site at with the latest version of the Technology Explorer for IBM DB2. Now you can try it without installing it.

Take it for a test run and post your thoughts on the forums.

Posted by Brian Olynyk 2009-03-21

Technology Explorer V3.3 is released!

We've ironed out a few bugs and are finally ready to release the Technology Explorer V3.3 to the world. This release has everything you saw in the beta, plus a couple of new features and new tutorials. We've also improved some of the views thanks to community feedback.

Download the package and take it for a test run and let us know what you think on the forums.

For a complete list of new features and fixes, take a look at the wiki here:

Posted by Brian Olynyk 2009-03-06

Technology Explorer V3.3 Beta is out!

This early taste of our upcoming release has a lot to be excited about. Including new tutorials, new interface designs, and some prettier images sprinkled throughout.

For more information on exactly what's new in this release, take a look at our wiki here:

Let us know what you think in the forums. We love feedback.

Posted by Brian Olynyk 2009-02-20

Technology Explorer Release Candidate 1!!!

We have a new release!!! The Technology Explorer for IBM DB2 has undergone a major redesign and is really stabilizing now. There is lots of new functionality to allow you to customize and extend the TE to your personal needs. There are also new tutorials to teach you about DB2.

If you haven't looked at the new features of the Technology Explorer at all, there are a ton of new features. An entire teaching and tutorial framework to learn about DB2, but designed to let you build your own tutorials on anything you want. There's also a sleek new AJAX interface, we've built it from scratch to make it easy to use so if the TE doesn't have something you want, you can add it minutes. We haven't forgotten our monitoring console heritage and have added a few new views as well as fixed some others based on feedback in the forums (Thanks for the feedback!).... read more

Posted by Brian Olynyk 2008-12-19

New Technology Explorer for IBM DB2 Beta available!

Check the download page!
The latest version of the DB2MC is available. We've changed our name to the Technology Explorer for IBM DB2 as you've probably noticed. This is because we do way more than just monitoring now. The TE has a ton of new features from a sleek new AJAX interface to a whole teaching framework. Of course, we've added a couple new monitoring views as well. Download the new beta, check the release notes and let us know what you think.

Posted by Brian Olynyk 2008-12-05

DB2 Monitoring Console - Security Update

DB2 Monitoring Console Open Source Project: Security Vulnerabilities Notification

Version DB2 Monitoring Console v2.2.24 and older contain several security vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities are greatly mitigated if the DB2 Monitoring Console is configured according to the on-line documentation. Alternatively the new release of DB2 Monitoring Console can be deployed.

The DB2 Monitoring Console team has released a new version that close the vulnerabilities. The newest version is available on
( read more

Posted by Matthew Vandenbussche 2008-03-12

DB2 Monitoring Console live demo!

Peter Kohlmann, has been kind enough to setup a live copy of the DB2 Monitoring Console. You will be logged onto the DB2 MC directly using an ID with limited authorities and privileges on the system. You will be able to browse all the capabilities of the software but will be restricted from performing actions like updating configuration parameters or data.

Go take a look around and let us know what you think.

Posted by Matthew Vandenbussche 2008-01-29

Release of DB2 Monitoring Console v2.2.17 - stable

The minor version number incremented and sub version reset, numerous bug fixes have been implemented and the Authorities view has been expanded. We are now fully using the SF SVN repository. Sub version number was reset to align with repository revision.

Bugs Fixed:
- 1868769 - Notices returned after connecting to a database
- 1868767 - Database Size Reports incorrect max size on partitioned data
- 1867936 - Including parameter markers in query files is broken.
- 1856613 - images/switch.GIF bug... read more

Posted by Matthew Vandenbussche 2008-01-10

DB2MC V2.1.251 Released

Bug Fixes:

Added - 1852426 - Add Warning that the ibm_db2 driver is not installed

Fixed - 1852381 - processCancel.php, confrimCancel.php, processForce.php and confirmForce.php errors

Fixed - 1852378 - Multiple connection to the database. - Note as non percistent connections are being used for he index and title bar logging in may take slightly longer +2s but there will only be one persistent connection to the database. ... read more

Posted by Matthew Vandenbussche 2007-12-19