New Connection lead to empty page

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I have installed DB2MC on Suse Linux. PHP Version and Apache should be fine. Index.php works, however when I try to connect to a database or add a new connection and type in the connection info all I see is an empty page, no error message.

    Any ideas?


    • Peter_Kohlmann

      Peter_Kohlmann - 2007-12-15

      Did you install using ZendCore or by following the manual setup instructions in the documentation pages? You may not have the DB2 drivers installed.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I installed ZendCore with IBM Drivers on my existing Apache 2.2 server

    • Matthew Vandenbussche


      I have seen this before, or in this case seen nothing!

      It is likely that you ibm_db2 driver is not installed and you are not seeing any error messages because they are turned off in the php.ini file.

      To check this you can do one of the following:

      In you web root directory create the following file



      when you load this page in your web browser through you Apache server search for "ibm_db2" it should be present and the version should be 1.60.

      Your other option is to turn on error messages and output in you php.ini file (remember that sometime your CLI and web server have different php.ini files).

      The following should be set:

      error_reporting = E_ALL
      display_errors = On
      display_startup_errors = On

      the two display setting are normally off because the could give away posible security holes in you web site.

      If you are receiving the error I think you are you will see:

      undefined function db2_pconnect in ...connection.php at line 105

      In the Documentation under troubleshooting you will see a document on this.

      Best of luck, we am here if this is not the problem or you need further help

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thank you so much for your reply. It is working now. I haven't restared the apache web server. Once I did that I used php_info() and there was a configuration paramater missing in the php.ini (ibm_db2.instance_name=db2inst1 in my case) I restarted Apache again and now I am able to connect to my sample database

      I appreciate your help

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Make sure you have the ibm_db2 module for PHP…


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