Query execution time

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have this sample query which I have to run on a table in different conditions. How do I get the execution time of the query, so that I can plot it for comparison?

    • Matthew Vandenbussche

      Hello Harsha,

      I need to understand a bit more about these different conditions...

      As you probably have seen you can get the time it takes to run a statement through the Ad Hoc.

      But if you want the TE to render these into a graph for you.

      There are 3 possible methods.

      1. Use the tutorial framework
      2. Write an XML action script.
      3. insert the times into a table and then graph the table.

      Option 3 is not preferable to me because it changes the database and 1 and 2 are dependent on what your conditions are.

      If you look at the file ./tutorials/DB2/DB_Fundamentals/Compression/Performance/actionScript/ComparePerformance.xml

      this is an XML Action panel which is a set of XML action scripts used in the tutorial framework.

      You can see it in action on page 5 of the Compression Performance tutorial found here: Learn->DB2->Database Fundamentals -> Compression -> Performance.

      That is the closes I think to what you want of what we have published.

      If you can give me a bit more information or a scenario of what you want to do it would help and then I can write up an example of how I think is the best way for me to accomplish this.

      If you don't feel comfortable to discuses this openly feel free to e-mail me matthewv(at)ca ibm com

      Matthew Vandenbussche


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