JavaScript Error?

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    every time I try to connect to a database there following error coming up:

    "An invalid JavaScript Object was returned, can not complete action execution."

    Can someone help?

  • Matthew Vandenbussche

    What version of the Technology Explorer for IBM DB2 are you using?

    You can try turning off warnings in PHP and that should fix the issue temporarily, once I know the version I can identify if it has been fixed or needs to be.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    thanks it works now after reboot… don't know what teh rpoblem was

  • Matthew Vandenbussche

    If you installed onto windows system, Then it is likely that you used the Technology Explorer IBM DB2 installer or installed DB2, setup apache, PHP and did not rebooting the system at the end of the install. In this case IBM_DB2 PHP driver will be unable to find the libraries it needs resulting in PHP crashing and the return of an invalid JavaScript object. Unfortunately as the driver is present I have no meas to better report this problem.



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