Database Memory Pool

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    running the Database Memory Pool error occurecd:

    Could not display DB_MEMORY_POOL: [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/AIX64] SQL0440N No authorized routine named "REAL" of type "FUNCTION" having compatible arguments was found. SQLSTATE=42884 SQLCODE=-440

    Manually changed the comma to a dot all works fine:

    SELECT DBPARTITIONNUM, DB_NAME, CONFIG_MB, ((CUR_MB/REAL(3392.0625000000))*100), CUR_MB, ((HIGH_MB/REAL(2374.5625000000))*100), ...

    What can I do to run the view without changing?

    Thanks and best regards,

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      From your description I am gathering that you replaced:
      and these are the commas that you changed.

      As you probably guessed this is a language compatibility issue.

      I do not have the resources to dedicate to test testing and verifying the TE on different languages, so you will find these kind of errors within the TE.

      That said I am eager to make it work. So lets see what we can do, and I would be happy to work with you further to make the TE work really well for you.

      First, so I can try and replicate the problem I need to know:
      The version of the TE you are using?
      The language of the browser and system that the browser is on, which is connecting to the TE.
      The language of the system that the TE is installed on, and the OS (Windows or Unix variant).
      The language of the DB2 system that you are connecting to.

      I suspect that if the system that the TE is installed on use “,” as the decimal separator when I build the query this is what is causing the problem. In the configuration file for the V3.3 of the TE on line 127 you will see a variable 'TE_LANGUAGE' that is set to "en_US.UTF-8".  If you could change this to your local UTF-8 string to see if this fixes the problem it would be great. If you do not know you could try with a French Canadian string since I know they use the “,” as a decimal separator, this would be "fr_CA.UTF-8".

      It will be a few days before I can get to test this if you do not get back to be I will set up a French system and see if I can replicate the problem. If you get back to me before then it could save me sometime.


    • Matthew Vandenbussche


      I have fixed this problem in Technology_Explorer_v3.3.238_GA which will be out in a few minuets.

      As a final solution to this problem I am not happy with it, because it is just an exception case with in the solution and there still maybe problems else where I have not caught, I am rewriting the table display components and I will ensure my solution encompasses this problem set.

      There is a bug opened if you have any further problems or comments please add it there:

      [ 2685584 ] Error in handling of numbers in some languages

      Matthew Vandenbussche

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      Why this:

      ¿¿ 23.8750000000 ??

      • Matthew Vandenbussche


        Could you please provide more background to your question...

        Where are you seeing this? is this when you click view query or when you look at the table definition file? what is the table definition you are looking at or how do I get to it from the menu?

        '((CUR_MB/REAL(23.8750000000))*100) '

        This could be anything.

        But if I had to take a guess that looks like a calculation for an inline graph (the colored bars). If that is the case then the '23.8750000000' is a reference value that is calculated from somewhere which will be defined in the table definition file using the data in the data base you are looking at.


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