DB2 TE does not start well after install

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi all,

    I have installed and appreciated DB2 TE at various locations already. From time to time (especially today) I see the following error: "If you are reading this message …. upgrade your browser or enable Java Script"

    Usually one of either IE or Firefox works well (even if the other does not). Now, neither Firefox (3.5) nor IE can display the DB2 TE (the same version displays well on another system - therefore it is not DB2 TE related).

    What can I check e.g. in Firefox except Java Script enabled?

    I am on Apache 2.2 and PHP 5.2.6

    Christian Lenke, Germany

  • Matthew Vandenbussche


    Most likely this is not a JavaScript error despite the message. If you right click and view the source It would be help full to see what is there or is not there. If you ether post it here or compare it to a functioning TE instillation and let me know what is missing I might be able to help you more. Based on what you have posted it is likely that a php module is not installed correctly.

    In debugging your problem it would also It would be helpful for you to turn on all PHP error reporting this is done by setting the following in your php.ini file:
    <li>error_reporting  =  E__ALL</li>
    <li>display_errors = On</li>
    <li>display_startup_errors = On</li>
    Keep in mind that you may have different php.ini files for the cli and web server and the you will need to restart the web server before the changes are picked up.<br/><br/>

    Regards, <br/>
    Matthew Vandenbussche

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi Matthew,

    I (for the first time) tried Safari for Windows as alternative Browser today and it works perfectly well now  (without any other change). Don't know why Firefox 3.5 did not like it. I am in a poc currently, perhaps I can investigate further if time. If not, I am happy with Safari anyway now.

    Regards and thanks for the prompt answer,
    Christian Lenke

    PS: The current TE is really magnificent ;))

  • Matthew Vandenbussche


    Good to hear that it is working. Firefox and IE have a tendency to aggressively cache pages, I have seen instances where we have fixed a problem but Firefox refuses to load a new copy from the server till the cache is cleared. For IE you actually need to clear the cache and then close all the browser windows before it will load a new copy from the server. I would recommend you try this (clearing the cache on your browser and let me know if that fixed your other browser issues.

    On a side note since you are running on windows Google's Chrome web browser is really nice and because the TE heavily uses JavaScript in Chrome it is 2-5x faster then in Firefox, give it a go you might find you like it.




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