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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I was wondering about the future of this product as there seems to have been little development over the last many months.  I recently received some information from IBM that implies it may be used more extensively and have more features.  Is this product being converted into an IBM offering?

    It seems strange that there has been so little movement in the product yet it is clear that more features could be readily added.  Why does it seem to have stablised?

    • Matthew Vandenbussche

      Just having fun with... well :) ... just check out the Technology Explorer for IBM DB2 package and tell us what you think.

    • Peter Prib

      Peter Prib - 2008-10-26

      I think I have gone backwards in some ways.  It's missing features it had before, such as adding new objects.  Then again many places it wasn't correct.  From what I can see the main change is going from side menu to pull down plus tabs.  The tabs to be honest is a waste of space as the explore now already has this feature and appears more reobust.  Would have been better just intergrating into it.

      Pop up for editing values I think gains little.  Just looks flashy and I would argue if there are multiple values then it doesn't work.   Nor can you get the features like pull done menues of potential values.

      Don't take this wrong as I glad to see attempts at improving it.  Certain things are better at pull down menus.    The side menu going gives more space for data however the side menu is great when navigating the database.  I liked the side menu for the database navigation.  One usually is active in a certain area of the database.  Using pull downs you have to click through too many layers.

      Hope the feedback is useful.

    • Matthew Vandenbussche

      Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback,

      This is an alpha and as such there are things still to be improved and enabled. Some features that are not fulling working or that have not been updated from the old version are not present yet.

      I would like to know what you are referring to when you say "adding new objects". There was the ability to add new rows in some views on some pages, is that what you were referring to?

      You also mention "Then again many places it wasn't correct." I would appreciate if you could indicate where it was not correct so that I can correct it in both the up coming version and the present one.


      "Pop up for editing values I think gains little. Just looks flashy and I would argue if there are multiple values then it doesn't work. Nor can you get the features like pull done menus of potential values. "

      I assume you are referring to the "Database Configuration Parameters" and "Database Manager Configuration Parameters" pages, the edit prompts that are used there are meant specifically for entering a given value and not for general editing as I think you are implying, there exist other mechanisms for that now.

      I will in a week or so have something more formal written up about the changes that were made and why.  I think that will answer some of your other questions.

      As for the side menu it has been added to my defect list and I will be looking into a flag or something to toggle between the two menu types.

      I greatly appreciate any feed back I can get, but what I would really appreciate is your ideas on how to make it better and possibly even why. Also let me know how you interact with DB2 so I can try to improve on the interaction.

      Don't like a button somewhere, tell me, tell me why and tell me where it should go. I can't always say it will be changed but I promise to consider it.

      Regards and thank you.

      • Peter Prib

        Peter Prib - 2008-10-27

        On a positive note I do like what you have done and I think its going in the right direction.  My comment were trying to clarify what I liked about the previous version which I think were lost in the new version.

        On adding, you are correct.  I would make the observation that the old version had add for objects that could not possibly work based on the content of the screen, example being table.   On the older version, may be a new tab should be opened/closed when adding or updating an object if it become too big.

        Comment on add has been taken  the wrong way.  Suggesting a consistent approach and suggesting the pop up had limitations, eg. adding a pull down list, or buttons etc.  Actually with the configuration values there could be an arguement to make allow the update in the initial menu ir in the menu generated when you hit the arrow.

        Great that you are going to give the choice on a navigation menu. 

        One suggestion which I think would add value.  Make the columns in menu customisable or at least allow temporary movement.   Plus allow highlighting based on thresholds that are tailorable.

        I will start to post things to the feature request section.

        As a last remark, I think it you need to consider having version/fixpak tolerance even if it just reports it as a version issue.  I know this will come as it evolves.  You report on the software level therefore can readily verify if the connection will tolerate a menu or select a version of the menu.  In larger sites, there are various reason why you may be running multiple version and it would be nice to use the one console to manage.  Suggest getting a framework in place now will make life easier later on.


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