Using with DB2 on iSeries

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    New on the iSeries systems.

    Could I use this with iSeries DB2?

    • Matthew Vandenbussche

      I do not see why not but I have never tried this.
      If it is a db2 9 or 9.5 system and you can access it with a TCP connection it should work.

      I actually would recommend you just go ahead and try it.

      I probably will not be able to get a strait answer to you this week due to the holidays. If you want you can ether e-mail me at  maclee at and I will get back to you or keep checking back here.


    • Peter_Kohlmann

      Peter_Kohlmann - 2007-12-22

      You can use PHP with iSeries. ZendCore for IBM does support iSeries. However this application is not designed to talk to an iSeries database directly. Some of the core code libraries could be adapted to use with an iSeries DB2 but much of what makes this work, the table functions, and administrative views are unique to DB2 9 and above.

      While we recommend that you use DB2MC with DB2 for LUW 9 and higher it could be adapted to DB2 8. However, Version 8 is also missing many of the administrative views. If there is a high demand from the community to test this against iSeries or DB2 Version 8 we can certainly see how much we could make available. Basically anything that is accessible through SQL is available to DB2MC and can be integrated into the design.

      If you would like to see this in the future please add a requirement under the tracker tab. Thanks for your interest!

  • bd400

    bd400 - 2015-03-17

    Just wondering if the functionality to work with IBM i database has gone anywhere.

    I was able to install the software on the system and am using zend php server.

    I can get connected be since our database name are a little different it cannot seem to find anything.

    Last edit: bd400 2015-03-17

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