TE doesn't work in IBM's own V Appliance

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I just installed IBMs own Express-C Virtual appliance (32 bit) for windows, and the Technology Explorer won't connect to the database that was created.  It brings up the connection dialog and asks for the instance password but no connection is established.  Control Center connects, no problem.  No documentation to help troubleshoot either.  I'd guess there's a quick fix for this, no?  Assistance would be appreciated.

    IBM should really look into this kind of thing - It's quite annoying to install their own stuff and have it flop out of the box.  One of the reasons I installed the Virtual Appliance was to simplify installation and evaluate current tools.

  • Paul Johnson

    Paul Johnson - 2011-10-21


    I'm going to try to look into this for you.  If you are still interested in a solution please let me know.


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