hadr Monitoring

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Would be a nice feature to allow for hadr pairs monitoring or status. 

    • Matthew Vandenbussche


      Are you aware of or if there is functions, tables, or procedures that would let you monitor or retriever the status of this thought SQL?

      If you do or I find out I can help you build these view if you would like. It is not that hard I just do not have the time right now, if not I will add it to my queue of requests as it does sound interesting and something that would be of use.


      • Peter Prib

        Peter Prib - 2009-08-13

        The health monitor covers hadr status.

        Mathew, if I do some work on this area as I have extensive experience managing a HADR environment.   I will add the bits and pieces manage the environment e.g. takeover.


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