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DB2LaTeX 0.8pre1 is Now Available

The 0.8pre1 distribution of the DocBook to LaTeX XSL stylesheets is recommended for all users of previous releases. This prerelease represents a large improvement in the out-of-box capabilities of DB2LaTeX, along with expanded instructions and reference documentation.

Posted by James Devenish 2004-02-01

0.7pre3 released.

Hi all,

Other than fixing some minor bugs (with our shell scripts that generate the documentation and other similar tasks), this release is the first one that comes with a nice noarch.rpm package, which has been tested on RH8, and depends on xml-common (I don't know about other distros, but you can always force with rpm -Uvh --nodeps)
I would like to pack a .deb package, so please email me if you know how the .deb works (I only have RedHat, so maybe I'll try alien)... read more

Posted by Ramon Casellas 2003-03-15

New CVS Repository

Hi all,

A new CVS repository has been set up, with a new directory layout and removing legacy dependencies. Please do a new checkout (removing your working copy)


Posted by Ramon Casellas 2003-03-14

0.7pre2 released

* NEW DIRECTORY LAYOUT. The CVS repository will become outdated in a couple of days (SourceForge request)
* New website, under CVS and using Norman Walsh Website DTD 2.4.1 (lots of things missing, broken links... Will be fixed asap).
* Fixed mediaobject process.
* Added basic qanda.
* Updated samples.
* Added doc directory.
* From now on the ChangeLogs will be better :)

Posted by Ramon Casellas 2003-03-13

0.7pre1 released

* code clean up
* Patches by Jales Devenish (tables, etc.)
* Patches by Roman Kennke (MathML)
* Minor bugfixes and tweaks.

Posted by Ramon Casellas 2003-03-10

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