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DB-Everywhere Alpha 0.81 release is available

A major change for developers, db-everywhere is now using maven2.

Posted by gbshape 2008-01-21

DB-Everywhere Alpha 0.8 release is available

Many small bugs fixed.
Please do not hesitate to send your comments.

Posted by gbshape 2007-12-28

DB-Everywhere Alpha 0.7 release is available

Please do not hesitate to send me your comments

Posted by gbshape 2007-12-16

DB-Everywhere Alpha 0.6 release is available

I'm waiting for you're comments !!

Posted by gbshape 2007-12-09

DB-Everywhere alpha release 0.5 is out

A new Alpha release is available. Don't hesitate to open bugs or features requests !!!

Posted by gbshape 2007-12-03

new alpha release

DBE-0.40 is now available. I'm waiting for your comments and requests.

Posted by gbshape 2007-11-22