• Paolo Ucchino

    Paolo Ucchino - 2009-03-23


    My name is Paolo Ucchino, i'm a java developer really interested in remote control applications written in java. some months ago i implemented a simple video compression algorithm for another similar project called jrdesktop (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Java_Remote_Desktop), but it was wirtten using rmi, and with relative limitations. Some days ago i started to write a simple vnc pure java server when i saw  dayon!. Very impressive, clean, and with the use (is the first) of jetty (i love it...).

    I thin your project have many potential to begin a real usefull alternative to other products like vnc or teamviewer and so on. Is reverse connection naturally born, is provided a "single click" connection for dummy users (remote assistance), really good!

    I would give you all can i give, translations (italian), time, code, ans suggestions if you need some. I would became a contributor to your code if you give me a chance.

    Till now... Suggestions (common needed i think, so no news) :
    - color support (user can choose level)
    - file transfer (bidirectional)
    - clipboard transfer (bidirectional)
    - multiple server connections
    - chat between parties
    - ssl support (in a b2b environment is usefull)
    - authenticated proxy bypass (i've some tested code)

    Best regards...

    Paolo Ucchino - ucchino [at] gmail dot com

    • Marc Polizzi

      Marc Polizzi - 2009-03-25

      Paolo, thank for your interest.

      I'll reply to you soon but for the time being we're releasing the very first version of the project I'm working on (one that feeds me ;-)) so I'm pretty much busy for a while.



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