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#201 Add Reminder-List (Exchange: Task-List) on MacOS

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I am using DavMail 4.3.3 (MacOS) and Exchange 2003.

The first thing I have noticed is that in the Reminder App on MacOS, the default Reminder-List shows up as 'Calendar' (if I use iPad or iPhone, which are connected directly via ActiveSync, the list-name shows as 'Tasks'). However, the content of this list is identical on all devices, so all tasks within that list show-up, can be amended and are synced among the devices and via DavMail to MacOS.

So, the first thing is just the naming of the default-list.

Now, if I create a new list in the Reminder App on MacOS, it initially comes up with a default name (e.g. 'New List') but then changes after a few seconds -obviously it's synced to Exchange- to a long ID number (e.g. '13AF83C6-CC6.....'). This new list is not synced through to iOS and in Exchange it shows, a new Reminder-List '13AF83C6-CC6.....' was created underneath the default-calendar.
If I create a new Reminder-List via iOS instead, it's created underneath the default-tasks and the names come through properly as well, but it's not shown via DavMail in the Reminder App on MacOS.

It seems that DavMail doesn't handle Reminder-Lists correctly (naming and storage).

Is there something wrong with the setup or could it be a defect in DavMail?

Thanks for any hint,


  • Tom

    Tom - 2013-09-12

    I have just tested it again with version 4.3.4 (MacOS), but still the same issue.

  • Mickael Guessant

    Well, this is expected as I didn't investigate this issue...


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