#193 DavMail Gateway Loads by does not run

Rob Vaughan

I have DavMail running on two identical Dell laptops both running Windows 7. On one DavMail just starts and runs with no real issue, on the other I can see in task manager that one or sometimes two davmail.exe processes are running but no icon is present in the notification area and mail cannot be sent/received. Initially ending the one/two processes through task manager and then restarting DavMail manually worked fine but in the last week the only way to start DavMail and for it to remain running is to re-install it every time the laptop is re-booted.
DavMail version 4.2.1-2089 used with Thunderbird ESR Ver.: 17.0.6.
Whilst this solution fixes the immediate problem it has to be done every time the laptop is re-started. There is no log file created as far as I can see as the gateway does not really 'start'! So the question is have you come across this before with windows 7 and have you any suggestions for solving the problem. I have removed DavMail, rebooted the machine and re-installed it (clean if all reg entries are removed on uninstall?) but the problem persists. It's such a great solution for our external users to bypass our VPN it is frustrating that I can't seem to solve this issue. Any help gratefully appreciated.


  • Rob Vaughan

    Rob Vaughan - 2013-05-29
    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Mickael Guessant

    Do you have a firewall/antivirus that could be the root cause of the issue ?
    Did you check davmail.log ?


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