#187 Cannot get Davmail working with custom OWA page


I have a customer who i am trying to get Davmail working for but they have a custom OWA login page and it seems Davmail does not like it. This is the OWA page:

It will redirect a few times and eventually get you to the login page. If i login with the credentials on the custom page it works fine, but i cannot get Davmail to work with it.


  • David

    David - 2013-08-14

    This is the same issue that I've been faced with. So this authentication is via AD FS (Active Directory Federated Services), and it seems from my logs that Davmail, when trying to authenticate, gets redirected to the ADFS page and errors out afterwards, not being able to find a user identity on the resulting page.

    The good news is that the ADFS pages appear to be consistent - in terms of the form element on the page, and the input elements having the same names. The only thing that appears different is that the form's action contains the domain name for the different OWA service. If Davmail were able to authenticate to this form, then this might solve the issue.

  • David

    David - 2013-08-14

    I should mention that this was a for a Microsoft-hosted Office 365 instance and using the original URL that I had (eg the one that shows up when I access OWA), was erroring in the above fashion. Curiously, I could authenticate successfully via basic auth to the /EWS/Exchange.asmx URL -- no ADFS requested or required.

    As it transpires, by switching my URL over to another, similar Microsoft-hosted URL, the issue has resolved itself and Davmail is now working. No idea why this might be the case. If others are having this trouble and there are other OWA URLs you can try, try that first.


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