DavMail 3.9.2 released

Ever wanted to get rid of Outlook ? DavMail is a POP/IMAP/SMTP/Caldav/Carddav/LDAP exchange gateway allowing users to use any mail/calendar client (e.g. Thunderbird with Lightning or Apple iCal) with an Exchange server, even from the internet or behind a firewall through Outlook Web Access. DavMail now includes an LDAP gateway to Exchange global address book and user personal contacts to allow
recipient address completion in mail compose window and full calendar support with attendees free/busy display.

This release includes some documentation updates, implement IMAP Recent flag,
Caldav support enhancements, 64 bits wrapper on windows, hanging issue with SWT
on Linux 64 and many other bugfixes.

- LDAP: cancel search threads on connection close

- Adjust system proxy log statement
- Jsmooth patch with 64 bits skeletons
- Additional statement on proxy load
- SWT: register error handler early
- Serialize session creation in workstation mode to avoid multiple OTP requests
- SWT: register error handler to avoid application crash on concurrent X access from SWT and AWT
- Revert LookAndFeel changes, switch to System.setProperty to set default LAF
- SWT: make sure we don't start AWT threads too early
- Update Jsmooth patch with 64bits exe support
- SWT: delayed AWT frames creation to reduce memory usage
- Experimental 64 bits windows exe
- Add a log file size field in UI

- Dav: back to old path in Destination header behavior
- DAV: switch icon on large message download
- Dav: Log message download progress
- Dav: new patch to reset session timeout with a GET method on /owa/
- Dav: experimental, try to reset session timeout with a GET method
- Dav: do not try property update failover on 507 SC_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE

- OSX: Avoid sending empty message to Growl

- IMAP: test custom header search
- IMAP: workaround for Exchange 2003 search deleted support
- IMAP: fix 3303767, do not send line count for non text bodyparts
- IMAP: another fix for 3297849, ENVELOPE formating error/bogus quotes
- IMAP: fix 3297849, ENVELOPE formating error/bogus quotes
- IMAP: Fix nullpointer in broken message handling
- IMAP: fix infinite loop detection
- IMAP: detect infinite loop on the client side
- IMAP: implement Recent flag on new messages based on read flag and creation/modification date
- IMAP: fix 3223513 default flags on append

- Doc: How to run multiple instances of DavMail
- Doc: FAQ note, iCal does not support folder names with spaces or special characters
- Doc: Add reference to default windows domain setting in FAQ
- Doc: additional Thunderbird and DavMail review
- Doc: add Duplicate messages in Sent folder FAQ entry
- Doc: add Piwik code to DavMail site
- Doc: New (french) review
- Doc: document custom certificate authority handling
- Doc: improve initial setup documentation
- Doc: describe the usual paths to use in OWA url field
- Doc: update imapAutoExpunge flag doc
- Doc: update roadmap
- Doc: document public folder access in Lightning

- Caldav: allow tab as folding character, see RFC2445
- Caldav: Fix NullPointerException in getTimezoneIdFromExchange
- Caldav: instancetype is null on Exchange 2010, switch to isrecurring in EWS FindItem
- Caldav: Disable schedule-inbox for all Lightning versions
- Caldav: prepare xmoz custom property support over DAV

- EWS: fix UID and RECURRENCE-ID, broken at least on Exchange 2007 with recurring events
- EWS: fix 3105534 GetUserAvailability default timezone compatibility with Exchange 2010
- EWS: new failovers on Timezone settings: use davmail.timezoneId setting or default to GMT Standard Time

Posted by Mickael Guessant 2011-06-07

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