Blank Subjects and Bodies

  • Kenny

    Kenny - 2013-05-23

    I have been using DavMail for some time now on my OS X installation (currently 10.8.3) to connect to the Exchange server at my office. For the most part, it works great, however there seem to be two anomalies that I keep hoping to find resolved in new releases, but haven't been as of yet.

    1) For some reason, I always get a blank subject line on all messages I receive from one particular sender (who happens to be my boss). For obviously reasons, this is less than ideal. I have tried using both OS X Mail and Thunderbird with the same result. This has transcended multiple versions of OS X and Thunderbird (I have been using DavMail since I was on OS X 10.6). I have tried on two different computers (both OS X). One of these computers was clean installed with 10.8 when it was released. It does not appear to be IMAP client related since it transcends multiple clients. I cannot figure out why it's only emails I receive from him. He sends emails from Outlook 2010, an Android phone, and an Android tablet. The source device of the email does not matter. It always results in a blank subject. When I look through the DavMail logs, it shows the subject in the ImapConnection log, but for some reason that doesn't get parsed properly to the client.

    2) There is a document management system which my company uses that sends out automated emails any time a document is released or updated. For some reason, these emails have a subject, but do not have a body and do not have attachments (and all messages should have both). Again, the ImapConnection log shows the body of the message when I look at the Console, but for some reason that does not get parsed to the client.

    Is this a possible configuration issue on my end? Would you be able to look over a log and see how these issues could be resolved?


  • Mickael Guessant

    Well, no idea, you may send a log file to for further investigation


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