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Exchange tasks

  • STBO

    STBO - 2013-08-26


    Could you clarify the current situation with regard to exchange tasks?

    I am using davmail to talk to Exchange in SBS2011. The client is Thunderbird 17.0.7 with the latest version of lightening installed. Mail and Calendar are working fine.

    Should I be able to create tasks in the client and have them show up in Exchange? At present, the list of tasks in the email client are different - it is as if they are being created locally, and not interacting with Exchange.

    Could you confirm if I should be able to manage exchange tasks in the client via Davmail.

    Thank you.

  • STBO

    STBO - 2013-09-10

    Michael, any comment on this? I don't know if this is simply not supported, or whether it is a problem with my setup.

    Thank you

  • Mickael Guessant

    Well, please don't forget this is an opensource project.

    Anyway, the answer is yes, tasks are supported. Please make sure you select the Caldav calendar as target when you create a new task.


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