Folder contents sync one message at a time

  • lomoto

    lomoto - 2013-10-01

    Hello, all. Thanks in advance for this amazing open source project! It's allowed me to access my employer's creaky Exchange 2003 webmail via my sparkling new Outlook 2011. Sweet!

    I have two issues regarding folders:

    1.) Folder contents don't sync automagically
    The messages in Inbox child folders only sync when I click on each blank message header ("no subject"). Clicking the "Sync" button does nothing, although it indicates the sync completed normally.

    2.) Folders at Inbox level are invisible
    To clear out some of the 000s of messages under Inbox, I tried moving a few folders up the tree to the same level as the Inbox folder. These folders are visible in OWA web client, but invisible in my Outlook/DavMail setup.

    Thoughts? Help?

    Thanks again...

  • Mickael Guessant

    1) definitely not normal, check davmail.log for errors
    2) Check base IMAP path (should be empty), or set it to /users/

    • lomoto

      lomoto - 2013-10-08

      Thanks for the tips. Here's what I found:
      1.) davmail.log has only one entry after the session --
      2013-10-07 21:31:51,476 WARN [ImapConnection-51822] davmail.imap.ImapConnection - Client closed connection
      2.) Changing base IMAP path in Outlook results in failure to fetch mail. Leaving it blank fetches complete folder structure (at the same level as Inbox and below) but only downloads messages in the Inbox folder.
      Other folders show the top message with the remaining entries as "no subject." Outlook reports "All folders are up to date."
      As noted above, clicking on message header results in download of that single message.

  • lomoto

    lomoto - 2013-10-08
    Last edit: lomoto 2013-10-08
  • Mickael Guessant

    You have a timeout issue on the client side, try to extend Outlook IMAP timeout

    • lomoto

      lomoto - 2013-10-12

      Thanks for the tip. I couldn't see where Outlook 2011 exposes any setting for IMAP timeout. Possibly relevant settings:
      - Sync all IMAP folders every < 2 > minutes
      - Refresh server connection after < 10 > minutes

      For the record, I am not getting any IMAP timeout error messages from Outlook.

      Other ideas?

  • Mickael Guessant

    You may want to try the new experimental davmail.folderSizeLimit setting available in svn trunk only (need to build DavMail from source)


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