Alan To - 2014-08-06

Hi All,

I've noticed on the DavMail website that there are Thunderbird setup pages and I have been trying to adopt them for my Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 client settings to connect with my school's Exchange Server 2003. However, I'm unable to get the Address Book (Contacts?) nor the Calendar sorted out.

I have searched the web but to no avail; and the school is about to upgrade from Microsoft Office (inc Outlook) 2010 to 2013. We're not at a point to go Office 365 nor upgrade Exchange to 2007 (or newer) just yet; therefore would it be possible to have a full setup for Outlook users please?

Ps. Outlook 2013 is not compatible with Exchange 2003, and you cannot have a separate install of Outlook 2010 with the other Office 2013 programs. On the other hand, if Outlook and DavMail is setup properly, staff can have a richer Outlook experience - without resorting to VPNs - when not directly connected to the school network!

Pps. I'd love a Group Policy .adm to preset all of this up and maybe an .msi DavMail configurable silent-setup file too!!!

-- Thanks in advance!