#22 Accessing mounted dir with konqueror


[may be asking the question in the wrong place]

When I open a directory mounted with davfs in konqueror
the server gets very frequent (1 per second or so)
PROPFIND requests, this goes on for quite a while event
after leaving that folder in konqueror. Any idea?



  • Werner Baumann

    Werner Baumann - 2006-02-05

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    Hello Reto,

    there is an explanation:

    davfs2 does were little caching. It just remembers the
    result of the last PROPFIND request, that is one directory
    So most of the file system calls of applications will result
    in a HTTP request.
    While command line tools like ls or less are rather moderate
    in issuing file system calls, programs with graphical user
    interfaces are usually not. There are a lot more file
    systems calls then I ever could imagine when first getting
    involved in davfs2. This especially is true for graphical
    file system browsers and also the file dialogs. I saw one
    file dialog doing a file system call for every single
    character of the file name.

    The solution:
    davfs2 needs extended caching to reduce this unecessary HTTP
    traffic. I am working on this. You may have a look at the
    branch 'select-coda-version' in our CVS repository. But
    unfortunately this will require an almost complete rewrite
    of davfs2. I hope to get a beta version ready until the end
    of this month. Hoping you are ready for testing then.


  • Reto Bachmann-Gmuer

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    Hi Werner,

    Thanks for your answer.

    I'm not sure if I'd be glad with extended caching, suppose I
    save a new file with OpenOffice directly on the webdav
    server and explicitly do a reload in konqueror or an ls on
    the commandline for the davfs2 folder, it would be rather
    irritating to have the file showing up only in a subsequent
    reload 5 seconds later (or whatever the caching interval
    would be). I'm wondering how this works with other network
    filesystems, I can't really imagine konqueror generating
    such a lot of traffic on an NFS or SMB mount - but to be
    honest, I've no idea.


  • Werner Baumann

    Werner Baumann - 2006-06-01
    • status: open --> closed

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