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  • Made

    Made - 2008-07-27

    Hello to all,

    i just got DAVFS2 to work on my Ubuntu 8.04.1 Client. I am running.

    Now i have a problem with instant streaming of my video files.

    I am running a BarracudaDrive Server with WebDAV on a UNSLUNG6.8 pimped LinkSys NSLU2 inside my 10MBit wireless home network.

    The good thing is that i have WebDAV access with a average speed of 620kB/s (which is my maximum at 10Mbit wireless).

    The second good thing is, when i brows through my WebDAV directories, i very very low latency.

    But when i brows through my WebDAV folders with the Ubuntu integrated file browser i wait about 15 minutes only viewing the content of a directory with several hundreds MB to a few GB of data.

    And if i want to view a movie file with the Ubuntu integrated video player DAVFS2 caches the wholes file before it starts in the player.

    I checked the problem and found the movie file in the hidden .davfs2/cache folder inside my users home directory.

    What i want is to stream my video files from my server. And i don't want to wait minutes for every folder i open.

    The question is now how to solve the task?

    Therefore in this case i only need read access, so the caching function is unnecessary.

    Is it possible to disable the caching and specially for this special user mount and would this solve my problem?

    And even if i know that this is not the right question for this forum, - which media player should i use in this case?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Werner Baumann

      Werner Baumann - 2008-07-28

      Hello Martin!

      Graphical file browsers:
      Graphical file browser tend to *open* any file, when then only should list the file names. They do this - I assume - to check the file type. davfs2 has to download every file that is opened.
      You can improve the situation by two means:
      - give davfs2 enough cache, to cache all these files opened by the browser (option "cache_size" in your davfs2.conf)
      - set option "gui_optimize 1" in your davfs2.conf
      This will not help when you list the files for the first time. But once the files are cached, it will reduce the number of requests and improve performance significantly.

      davfs2 is absolutely not suited for this task. Your media player should acces the video-files *directly* over the network, not via a file system. Most media players should support this. With e.g. Xine you can give an HTTP-URL like "xine http://hostname/dir/file". Please check the manual of your media player.

      Some general remarks:
      davfs2 is mainly intended for "distributed authoring" (that's what WebDAV originaly claimed to be). It's aim is, to make WebDAV-resources accessible for applications with no built-in support for WebDAV. While it is possible, to use it as kind of general purpose file system, there are and allways will be some limitations; some are due to the WebDAV-protocol, some due to davfs2. For a file server in your local LAN, nfs or cifs would be probably a better choice, but I don't know whether BarracudaDrive supports them. Your GNU/Linux-system does.



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