Connection failed, mounting anyway.

  • dannemil

    dannemil - 2007-05-09

    I repeatedly get this error message when I try to mount using mount.davfs.

    mount.davfs: Connection failed, mounting anyway.  File system will only be usable when connection comes up.

    There is nothing in the mount point, and the "connection" never comes up. The problem is that I can mount.davfs from other directories on this same server both before and after this attempt, so I know that the connection is there. Any ideas?


    • Werner Baumann

      Werner Baumann - 2007-05-09

      Hello Jim,

      did I get this right:
      You can mount a WebDAV resource on some particular mount point on your client.
      But you can not mount the very same WebDAV resource on the same client when the only difference is another mount point? And the error message is "connection failed"?

      This looks very impropable. So there most likely is another difference.
      Please telle me:
      - command line
      - entry in fstab (if any)
      - all the messages from mount.davfs
      - exact version of davfs2

      For both cases, the successful one and the one that fails.

      Or is it not the same client and the same server. In this case: what makes you sure it is not a network problem?


      • dannemil

        dannemil - 2007-05-10

        Werner, thanks for the reply. Here are the command lines. The first one mounts, the second one fails. Of course, all commands are on the same line not split as shown below:

        sudo mount.davfs -ouid=xxxx,gid=xxxx /home/dannemil/mnt/owlspace

        sudo mount.davfs -ouid=xxxx,gid=xxxxx /home/dannemil/mnt/invisionlab_owlspace

        mount.davfs: Connection failed, mounting anyway.  File system will only be usable when connection comes up.

        So it's the same server, and in one case it will mount the dav and in the other I get the same error every time.

        I am running Ubuntu Linux Feisty with

        mount.davfs: davfs2 1.1.2  <>


    • Werner Baumann

      Werner Baumann - 2007-05-10

      Hello Jim,

      the error message "connection failed" is not very specific. It is a little bit better in davfs2 1.2.1. But I still have to review that, to print more information about why the connection failed.

      "Connection failed" may have different reason, from network layer up to a "NOT FOUND" response from the server.

      As it is the same server the tcp/TLS connection propably succeeds. But there may be another error message from the server, as the path component is very different.

      You may try to access the URL using an ordinary browser. If that succeeds you may additionally try "cadaver" (should be part of Ubuntu), which will propably give a more detailed error message.



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