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davfs asks for dir not file!

  • Martin Wickman

    Martin Wickman - 2002-09-30

    This is with 0.1.4 davfas, latest mod_dav in apache-1.3.22-6 on RedHat 7.2.

    Mounting using mount.davfs looks ok:

    /dev/davfs0 on /mnt/dav/ type coda (rw,host=http://localhost/dav/)

    But I cannot get a filelisting from the /mn/dav directory. There are two files called text.txt and text2.txt in the directory, but I cannot see it. Weird though is that 'ls /mnt/dev' tells me

    ls: /mnt/dav/test2.txt: No such file or directory
    ls: /mnt/dav/test.txt: No such file or directory

    The apache error logs tells me that davfs tries to get the files '/dav/test.txt/'. Note the ending slash! It gets a file list from apache, but messes up with stat'ing the files?

    Here is the log for a 'ls /mnt/dav' - - [30/Sep/2002:15:06:45 +0200] "PROPFIND /dav HTTP/1.1" 207 697 "-" "neon/0.23.4 davfs2 0.1.4" - - [30/Sep/2002:15:06:45 +0200] "PROPFIND /dav/ HTTP/1.1" 207 972 "-" "neon/0.23.4 davfs2 0.1.4" - - [30/Sep/2002:15:06:45 +0200] "PROPFIND /dav/test2.txt/ HTTP/1.1" 404 293 "-" "neon/0.23.4 davfs2 0.1.4" - - [30/Sep/2002:15:06:45 +0200] "PROPFIND /dav/test.txt/ HTTP/1.1" 404 292 "-" "neon/0.23.4 davfs2 0.1.4"

    Here is an except from the --debug enabled davfs when i do ls /mnt/dev

    Running post_send hooks
    Running destroy hooks.
    Request ends.
    converting dir to file /tmp/davfsd_74wftL: { FNAME: test2.txt:0
    ['test2.txt', handle=4, ino=1234876a], FNAME: test.txt:0
    ['test.txt', handle=4, ino=1234876b], }, EOD=  (wrote 2 entries)  returning SUCCESS (0), 24 bytes

    got 064 byte command: opcode = 36  (uid=0,euid=0, suid=0,fsuid=0) close base:/
             the current VFid list has 1 elements
    returning SUCCESS (0), 12 bytes

    ls: /mnt/dav/test2.txt: No such file or directory
    ls: /mnt/dav/test.txt: No such file or directory

    • SungHun Kim

      SungHun Kim - 2002-09-30

      Problem is fixed.
      Try to use 0.1.5. Thanks!


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