Unable to umount timed out connection

  • Marcin Zajaczkowski


    I wanted to mount a resource which seamed to be temporary unavailable right then. mount.davfs printed:
    mount.davfs: connection timed out two times;
    trying one last time
    mount.davfs: server temporarily unreachable;
    mounting anyway

    When I noticed that server was down I wanted to umount it, but device was reported as busy:
    umount: /mnt/dav: device is busy
    umount: /mnt/dav: device is busy
    umount: /mnt/dav: device is busy
    umount: /mnt/dav: device is busy

    After some time when the server was back online I noticed that previously mounted filesystem works fine (without remounting), but I wanted to ask is it possible to umount a "broken" filesystem earlier (it could be necessary for example when you have to shutdown your computer)?


    • Werner Baumann

      Werner Baumann - 2008-08-29

      Hello Marcin,

      a broken connection does *not* block unmounting of a davfs2 file system. The error messages is from umount (before calling the davfs2 umount helper) and is usually caused by an application that is still connected to the file system.
      In my experience older versions of nautilus were notorious for this (with other file systems than davfs2).
      If you cannot find the application that holds connection to the file system, "umount -f" probably works. You need root privileges for this.


      P.S.: You didn't cd into the davfs2 files system?

      • Marcin Zajaczkowski

        Hello Werner,

        I was checking that (even closed Midnight Commander which likes to do that - I use to use fuse-ssh), but if you says it was before davfs2 I probably missed something. I will check  it next time.

        Thanks for your answer


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