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  • Marvin

    Marvin - 2006-09-16


    I have been using davfs2 0.2.8 for a while and found that it is very helpful for me to work remotely from my office. But I have one problem that I can't seem to resolve. I use Lyx that is a program to edit latex files in GUI to create documents in my SUSE 10.1 desktop. Every time after I upload a lyx file through davfs2 to my office machine, I can use the file in my office. However, I can't open the lyx file from my desktop at home. The system reports that the file can't be found although I can see that file with the exact same size under the remote directory. Could any body give me any suggestion? Thanks.

    • Werner Baumann

      Werner Baumann - 2006-09-16

      Hello Marvin,

      does the file have any special characters like '~' or special extensions like '.de' or '.en' that could be misinterpreted by the WebDAV-server?

      WebDAV-servers are HTTP-Servers and they can do many curious things, like content negotiation or aliasing. This means, some file names are interpreted by them and then associated to quite another file. e.g.
      - files starting wiht '~' are often interpreted as a request for a file in a users home directory
      - files with extensions like '.de' or '.en' are often interpreted as the version of another file in a specific language.

      If the name of your Lyx file is interpreted in such a way you will propably get a "Not Found" response from the server. (The PROPFIND method that gets the directory listing is usually not affected by this.)

      If you use apache you may look in the apache config file for rules about user home directory, content negotiation or aliasing.


    • Marvin

      Marvin - 2006-09-17

      Hi, Werner,

      Thank you for the information. However, the file name seems normal to me. The one I just tested is named as test.lyx, that has neither special character nor extension. Do you think it may have anything to do with the file content?

    • Werner Baumann

      Werner Baumann - 2006-09-17

      Hello Marvin,

      if you unmount and mount again, will it be the same:
      test.lyx is listed by ls, but you can not access it?

      In this case, we need some tests with *simple* tools like ls, cp, echo, cat and less. With all this test it would be additionally helpful if you can access the log files of the server, to see wheather davfs2 sends appropriate requests and what the response of the server was. Also logging the HTTP-traffic with ethereal could be useful.

      First tests:

      - copy some lyx-file from a local file system to the mounted davfs2 file system, using cp.

      - use "ls -al" to see whether it is there.

      - try to *read* this file from the mounted davfs file system using either less or cat or both.

      - try to *append* some text using echo (e.g. "echo something >> test.lyx"; there must be two of '>').

      - use "ls -al" again to see whether it is still there, and whether size and time have changed.

      - list the file again using less or cat.

      If this all succeeds we will have to search somewhere else. But I assume some of these commands will fail. In this case it is important to report all the commands as well as any output. The server logs would be fine too (access log and error log).



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