echo failed .error log"file too large"

  • davfsnew

    davfsnew - 2008-07-07

    Try to issue echo "davfs" > test to webdav folder. get error "file too large" . Create folder work fine
    Use fuse

    • davfsnew

      davfsnew - 2008-07-07

      Use davfs2-1.3.2
      Thanks !

    • Werner Baumann

      Werner Baumann - 2008-07-07

      No understand
      Try sentence
      Guckst Du README
      want description
      complete, original error messages only!


    • davfsnew

      davfsnew - 2008-07-08

      Sorry. I try to make it more clear.
      My problem is :
      when I try echo command as oracle user to webdav folder such as :
      $ echo 'test' > a
      I got error: "-bash: a: File too large"

      I am using davfs2-1.3.2  download from
      Using fuse

      The mount command is :

      mount.davfs  /home/oracle/sixapart/mtblog -o uid=oracle,gid=dba,conf=/usr/local/etc/davfs2/davfs2.conf

      For debug
      1: modify /usr/local/etc/davfs2/davfs2.conf and add below line:
      debug most
      2: modify /etc/syslog.conf to add
      daemon.*        /var/log/daemonlog

      But couldn't get useful log from /var/log/daemonlog to  dubug.

      Please help !
      Thanks !

    • Werner Baumann

      Werner Baumann - 2008-07-09

      Please don't use option "conf=/usr/local/etc/davfs2/davfs2.conf". It is not necessary, as this is the systemwide configuration file *by default*.
      There is also a bug that my cause wrong setting of uid, whenn this option is used.

      - Are there *any* messages when mounting?
      - can you list the files and dirs in your davfs2 file system?
      - can you read files?

      Debug messages:
      davfs2 sends debug messages to log-facility LOG_DAEMON with log-level LOG_DEBUG. Operating systems usually store them in one of the log-files without extra configuration. Please look at all log-files, not only daemonlog.

      But do you want to say with this:
      "But couldn't get useful log"?

      Did you get log messages and think they are not useful? Show them. I will see whether I can make any use of them.

      Are there no messages at all? Then something is seriously broken. Maybe your syslog-daemon? Send me your davfs2.conf. Test whether mount.davfs is running at all ("ps ax"). Test whether the file system is mounted ("cat /proc/mounts").



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