davs exported as samba share problem

  • Saverio Castellano

    I'm mounting a webdav directory with davfs and then I'm trying to export it as a samba share.
    Everything seems to be working fine, but when from a different computer I mount the samba share on a directory, the directory is not accessible, nor any file/dir inside it (permission denied) and doing a "ls -al" on that dir I get the following:

    ?---------   ? ?    ?       ?            ? scambio

    My directory is called "scambio" and there is no info about file permission, modified date etc....

    Does anybody know how to fix/solve this?


    • Werner Baumann

      Werner Baumann - 2006-04-07

      Hello Saverio,

      davfs2 has not yet implemented unix permissions (I am working on this). So for security reasons only the mounting user is allowed to use the mounted file system (root too).

      Samba will use the ID of the user that tries to access the samba share. This is most likely not the mounting user.

      I don't know a work around for this. But you may try an older version (davfs2 0.2.3) that has no security restrictions. (But I am in good hope to get davfs2 with unix permissions working some day.)



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