No Mountpoint Specified

  • Jastr

    Jastr - 2006-04-07


    After installing the Debian package for davfs2 i try to mount a webdav folder but when i use the mount command it says: /usr/lib/mount.davfs-2.6: No mountpoint specified

    What could this be?

    • Werner Baumann

      Werner Baumann - 2006-04-07

      I can't explain the answer without knowing the question.

      Please send the full command line you entered together with the response from davfs2. If you use /etc/fstab include the entry in fstab too.


    • Jastr

      Jastr - 2006-04-11

      I use the fstab my entry in the fstab is:   /home/me/dav    davfs   user,noauto   0   0

      I use this command to mount the dac:

      mount /home/me/dav

      And i get this response:

      /usr/lib/mount.davfs-2.6: No mountpoint specified


    • Werner Baumann

      Werner Baumann - 2006-04-12

      Hello Jacob,

      most probably: Directory /home/me/dav does not exist.

      The mount point must be an existing directory. So maybe you will have to create it:
      $ mkdir /home/me/dav


    • Jastr

      Jastr - 2006-04-18

      Well now it seems like mounting isn't the problem! when i've mounted the directory it says something like "Can't read the contents of dav" i'm running a local language ubuntu so i can't see the error message so it's only a guess of the error message. but i can't see the content

    • Werner Baumann

      Werner Baumann - 2006-04-23

      Hello Jacob,

      you might test:

      Is the file system really mounted?
      - just enter 'mount' on command line. Your davfs mount should be listed.
      - cat /proc/mounts will list the mounted file systems too.

      Is mount.davfs still running or did it die silently?
      - ps ax | grep mount.davfs
      should show the running mount.davfs process.

      Does mount.davfs send requests to the server and what is the response?
      - Have a look at the servers log files, if available. They usually log everey request together with the return code.
      - You may use a sniffer and protocoll analysator like ethereal to log the traffic on the wire. Are there any HTTP request like GET, PROPFIND, HEAD, LOCK or PUT?

      Is there any content in the WebDAV directory on the server?
      - You may use an ordinary browser to access the WebDAV resource and you should be able to download files this way. (WebDAV is just an extension to HTTP. To download files it uses the same GET request as browser do.)

      Are there any error messages in your systems log files?
      - in /var/log/ are a lot of log files. Where the messages from mount.davfs will go depends on your system. You should search them for messages from
      coda, mount.davfs and neon.

      All error messages on the terminal might be useful, even if they are unreadable or you can't understand them.



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