[PATCH] MS Exchange and ps -ef

  • Joao Gouveia

    Joao Gouveia - 2003-03-06

    Hi all,

    Microsoft Exchange mailboxes accessed via Outlook Web Access (usign WebDav ) does not support LOCK's, so I've added a "nolocks=1" on the options.

    Also I noted that there is no option to ask for user
    credentials, and thus they appear on a simple process
    list ( see 'BUGS' in src/ ), so I added support for an "askauth=1" option also that prompts the user for the credentials.

    There are probably better ways to deal with this, but i
    just wanted it to work right now.

    Btw, davfs seems kind of "hibernating". Is the project dying or can we expect a new release sometime?


    Joao Gouveia


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