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  • Anonymous - 2001-08-08

    I'm very excited about this project, because it is just what I was wanting to use for a project of mine. Roughly how far

    I also observed that it appears as if you have invented a kernel module and cache manager, with custom protocol. Are you aware that the kernel already has this type of thing built in with the coda filesystem module (which the kernel uses to talk to the venus cache daemon on the client)? I think it would be worth looking into reusing this code and protocol (which has been thoroughly debugged and is already used elsewhere) for davfs.

    • sven kristiansson

      I agree with sopwith, remove the kernel module.

    • SungHun Kim

      SungHun Kim - 2001-08-09

      Good point.

      I knew about the coda project and try to
      figure out the protocol between kernel and
      character divice(not a socket).
      But I didn't get enough information about the
      protocol and so on.

      If any body can give us some information about the
      coda or vinus, it would be appriciated.


    • sven kristiansson

      • SungHun Kim

        SungHun Kim - 2001-08-11

        Thank you for good information.

        I just wondering can two or more cache manager use
        coda kernel module?

        For example, if davfs use coda device /dev/cfs0, can "POrtable Dodgy Filesystems" use /dev/cf0 also?

        • Anonymous - 2001-08-13

          From my brief testing, it seems possible to make /dev/cfs0 - /dev/cfs255 devices (coda seems to have a whole major number assigned to it), so your requirement is probably easy to meet.

    • sven kristiansson

      have u tried the

      • SungHun Kim

        SungHun Kim - 2001-08-14

        This is very good documentation.

        Thanks a lot.

        By the way, Roni, are you working on CODA system or something?

    • sven kristiansson

      Not at all, im only good at finding stuff :)


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