Porting davfs2 to Windows

  • Real Time Logic

    Real Time Logic - 2006-05-26

    Is it possible to port davfs2 to Windows?
    How much work would it involve?

    I can get Web Folders to work with BarracudaDrive, but not mini redirector. The authentication sucks in the redirector.


    • Werner Baumann

      Werner Baumann - 2006-05-26

      Hello Wilfred,

      don't know. But I can't because I am not familiar with the windows file system implementation.

      As davfs2 uses coda as kernel filesystem and there is a coda implementation for windows, maybe someone else can do it.

      Windows redirector:
      Configuring the redirector for WebDAV on windows seems to be tricky and is hardly documented. I too failed to get it running, but it did not try consequently. So maybe there is just one of these windows "click here" tricks we are missing.


    • Real Time Logic

      Real Time Logic - 2006-05-26

      We all hate windows and we prefer not to get into its crappy API’s.
      A picture can say a thousand words.

      Anyway, how many users are using Windows compared to Linux?
      This can potentially be beneficial to you if you make a port and set it up as donationware.



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