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new DAV Quota proposal

  • Michael Arick

    Michael Arick - 2001-08-18

    I thought you all would be interested in this new development from the IETF meeting:

    Lisa Dusseault (my boss, temporary DAV chair) and this guy from Apple wrote up a draft for a DAV Quota spec.

    Basically, they added 2 new properties:
    DAV:Quota (in bytes) and
    DAV:QuotaUsed (in bytes).  

    We could use that information in the response to df instead of just saying 7777777 100% or 0 0 0 0%.

    We (Xythos) also want to include info on bandwidth quotas, but that's less interesting for davfs, I think.


    • SungHun Kim

      SungHun Kim - 2001-08-19


      It's good properties.

      Anyway, is there any server that support this properties?

      Maybe Xythos file server or something?

      • Michael Arick

        Michael Arick - 2001-08-20

        no, not yet.  maybe in a few months.

        you know how it is with closed source software...


    • Chris Sharp

      Chris Sharp - 2001-11-08

      The iDisk server supports this property. We are planning to support the slightly modified Internet Draft proposal but for now quota/quota-used are supported.

      BTW, the webdavfs code in MacOSX has been released to the opensource community and is available at

      I would love to see some collaboration from both opensource filesystems. Digest support/cache improvements/etc.

    • Michael Arick

      Michael Arick - 2001-11-08

      Really iDisk does DAV:quota and DAV:quota-used?  Or is it "some-apple-namespace:quota"? I think we're still using the Xythos namespace for the quota property at Xythos.

    • Chris Sharp

      Chris Sharp - 2001-11-09

      The iDisk server uses the DAV: namespace.


      The flaw we made was to use 512 byte units in the response in lieu of something more platform independent like bytes - hence the change in the spec. :-)

      We will change the iDisk server to match the spec soon ...

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2001-11-13

      Actually,these names will be changed with the next release of the draft.  'quotaused' is going to be 'space-used-bytes' to indicate that it's not dependent on quota and that it's measured in bytes.  (Jim Whitehead's suggestion)

      Similarly, 'quota' will be 'quota-bytes'.

      If there's a rush to put out another draft, I can do so.



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