Amit Kumar - 2002-10-19


(maybe i should post a bug, but am not sure if you're using bugzilla on yet)

i want to maintain a cvsroot  on my dav server, and use it keep my systems (mac, linux, and windows) in sync.  it works like a charm on the mac, but on linux, with mount.davfs, i'm having problems.

when i do a cvs commit, say, the #cvs.lock collection gets created fine, the #cvs.wfl.* file gets created fine, and presumably the ,filename, lockfile is being created fine: but i think there's some issue here where while the file is deleted, the lock still remains.

so, if i use cadaver to list the directory, it lists the ",file," file fine, but instead of displaying info, it says '404 not found'. if i ask cadaver to list locks, i see a stale lock. if i remove the lock (via unlock), the file disappears on the next list:

[amitk@orange emacs]: cadaver
Looking up hostname... Connecting to server... connected.
Authentication required for iTools on server `':
Username: amit.kumar
dav:/amit.kumar/> cd Documents/Repository/emacs
dav:/amit.kumar/Documents/Repository/emacs/> ls
Listing collection `/amit.kumar/Documents/Repository/emacs/': succeeded.
Error: ,_emacs.el,                    404 Not Found
Coll:  #cvs.lock                               0  Oct 19  2002          0  Oct 19  2002
       _emacs.el,v                          6893  Oct 15 03:34
       xwin.el,v                            1184  Oct 15 03:35
dav:/amit.kumar/Documents/Repository/emacs/> delete ,_emacs.el,
Deleting `,_emacs.el,': failed:
404 Not Found
dav:/amit.kumar/Documents/Repository/emacs/> discover ,_emacs.el,
Discovering locks on `,_emacs.el,':Lock <opaquelocktoken:90f5f0ca-1dd2-11b2-815f-fd97ae5444f2> on /amit.kumar/Documents/Repository/emacs/,_emacs.el,:
  Scope: exclusive  Type: write  Timeout: infinite
  Owner: <href>davfs2</href>  Depth: 0
dav:/amit.kumar/Documents/Repository/emacs/> unlock ,_emacs.el,
Unlocking `,_emacs.el,':Enter locktoken: opaquelocktoken:90f5f0ca-1dd2-11b2-815f-fd97ae5444f2
dav:/amit.kumar/Documents/Repository/emacs/> ls
Listing collection `/amit.kumar/Documents/Repository/emacs/': succeeded.
       _emacs.el,v                          6893  Oct 15 03:34

i doubt this is a cvs problem (it could be), but i haven't looked at the davfs code yet: it's a possibility...