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  • SungHun Kim

    SungHun Kim - 2001-09-06

    We are working on proxy module and almost finished it.

    The problem is how we can pass the proxy server using mount or something.

    So, basically we add "-c" options in mount program.

    If we want to use proxy server, we can mount like this.

    mount.davfs /dav -c "proxy://"

    I think it looks like messiness.

    Does Anybody have better idea about that?

    Also you can down load and test from our CVS tree.

    cvs co -t rel-0-2-0-proxy davfs-0.2.0

    Good luck!

    • sven kristiansson

      Although i have never heard of the proxy://
      URI scheme and its not here.
      anyway i sometimes see that http proxys  is
      believed to be runned at port 8080 so one could
      imagine that proxy:// ==
      but i dont think http URI schemes should be used
      in such a way, so my advice is stick with the -c with port 80 as default
      port since there is not mentioned in the spec that
      proxy default port is something else than http server default port

      My only connection to internet is http proxy on port 80 :) so i cannot try to check out with ssh or pserver. hopefully it will be replaced by DAV deltaV sooner or later :)

      • SungHun Kim

        SungHun Kim - 2001-09-07

        >so my advice is stick with the
        >-c with port 80 as default

        I think it's good idea.

        After testing davfs with proxy module, I'll
        release new davfs version.

        I appreciate your advice.


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