If you want to be a davfs developer,

  • SungHun Kim

    SungHun Kim - 2001-06-29

    Just give me a email.

    I'll add you to our projects as developer.



    • SungHun Kim

      SungHun Kim - 2001-07-04

      So far, there are five volunteers from many countries.

      I'd loke to say about how to join or work
      on this group.

      Basically our projects could be seperated by these patrs.

      1. kernel driver(VFS)
      2. cache manager daemon and davclient(davfsd)
      3. mount and tools
      4. documentation writting.

      Participating this open source project is so easy.

      First, you need to install davfs and test it.
      If you can change or improve a little bit about the code,
      just put our CVS with nice comment.

      Or you just can give us some ideads aobut davfs.



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