neon 0.26.4 or neon 0.28.4

  • monstruooo

    monstruooo - 2009-05-02

    Hi Werner

    Hope you are doing very well. I noticed that there is a new version of neon for download. Which one would you advise to use?


    • Werner Baumann

      Werner Baumann - 2009-05-02

      davfs2 should work with neon  0.25 and any newer version. I did not test every single one. Neon 0.28.4 does not change the interface but fixes known bugs, so I would recommend it. If there are any problems please tell me.
      Please note:
      davfs2 has moved from Sourceforge to Savannah:
      Old versions of davfs2 will stay available at Sourceforge, but development and support will only happen at Savannah. I will close the trackers and forums on Sourceforge for new items soon.


    • monstruooo

      monstruooo - 2009-05-03


      I see that you have a new version of davfs with fixes for the double PUT and dir_refresh.


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