Should we support multiple OS's?

  • Michael Arick

    Michael Arick - 2001-08-21

    I use Linux.  My friends use Windows and the Mac.  Some even use freeBSD. 
    How hard would it be to rearchitect this project so it was a cross-platform DAV client?  Some parts could be written generically (caching, creation of DAV requests, and parsing of DAV replies, for example).  Other parts would have to be written for each OS separately.   Then some glue code (makefile?) could put the right pieces together.

    So, let's assume it can be done.  Should we do it?

    I think there are some compelling reasons why we should. 

    1)If each OS has it's own DAVFS-type client, then development of common components will have to be done in parallel.  I have seen this with respect to caching already.

    2)If each OS has it's own DAVFS-type client, then it is harder to add new DAV features as they become available on the server.  Again, this is because it has to be done in parallel.  For example, ALL dav clients will eventually support the DAV:Quota and DAV:QuotaUsed tags when they are standardized.

    3)Suppose a company decides to support ONLY ONE DAV client.  It is safe to assume that they will support the one for windows.  Disagree if you'd like, but I suspect this is the case.

    Ok, those are my thoughts on the positive side of cross-platformness.  On the negative side I leave to you all.

    Any comments?

    • sven kristiansson

      Good idea,

      I use web folders on windows platform it doesnt
      work so well but it has 2 great features that davfs doesnt have yet.
      * ssl support
      * web proxy support

      If davfs got those i want to use it on windows also.


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