Davfs and streaming

  • sven kristiansson


    One of all the great benefits (but not obvious)  by using davfs as a filesystem is that one could easily get rid of all those nasty streaming and conferencing protocol like rtp/rtsp h323 asf, quick time. 

    Just run a webdav server on your local computer
    and put the divx movie , mp3 , output from tvcard
    or webcam on it. then tell your users to map the
    webdav server to the local filesystem and open the
    video, audio file on their media player.
    Voila...transparent streaming :) Get rid of netmeeting and cuseeme.

    Have anyone tried it? What is the delay imposed by davfs? It cant be more than say 50 ms for video
    conferencing to work i guess.

    I have all the hardware necessary to do the tests
    so when the proxy feature is added i can post the outcome of the test if anyone is interrested to hear. I will see if it is possible to do fullscreen videoconferencing using 768 kbit and
    100 ms round-trip-time.

    btw, streaming protocols is useful for automatically adapting the buffering and the compression on the stream, when the bandwidth and delay changes on the net. But if the connection is stable and you have enough bandwidth you wont need it. 




    • SungHun Kim

      SungHun Kim - 2001-09-07


      I don't know the speed about davfs, it's interesting

      I released davfs 0.2.1 version that supports proxy server.

      You can try to test with this davfs version and I'll try to receive the strem from your server.


    • sven kristiansson

      Hi again,

      Thanks for the new version.

      Some feedback,

      1. If you forget to input the local mount point to mount.davfs you dont get a proper error.

      2. davfsd, -s option is unrecognized but mentioned in the docs.

      3. I mount a local davshare
      mount.davfs /dav
      more /usr/pub/abig100MBfile.txt
      more /dav/abig100MBfile.txt

      more from local disk returns first screen immediately
      more from davshare takes several seconds to return.

      If the time could be reduced to ~= the time to read from local disk i think davfs could be a good candidate of replacing nfs and samba/cifs.
      I wonder if you agree with me that this is the biggest bug right now?

      I think not all users need caching at all by davfs (except for xml properties), could you provide an option to disable it.
      ( i thought that davfsd -s 0 would do it) Then one could run a local webproxy (apache,...)that understands http caching functionality (thats one of http's main services). It will then cache to local disk without doing the buffering.

      for example
      mount.davfs http://some.host.com/usr/pub /dav -c "" -b proponly
      -b = nocache, proponly, cacheall 
      default value should be cacheall when no -c option is used and proponly when a -c is used



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