• James Russell

    James Russell - 2006-09-01

    davfs is pretty good. I'm running a cvs derived v1 tag from several days back. The cache function is much better.

    My issue is the creation of the "dav-local-backup" directory that's specified in the source code (default.h). Can I rename this so that it's a "hidden" directory? I assume that I'll have to recompile to do so.

    The problem is that it's being used on a web server and I don't want the end-users to see that directory.

    thank you!

    • Werner Baumann

      Werner Baumann - 2006-09-01

      Hello Jim,

      currently you indeed have to recompile davfs2 after you changed DAV_BACKUP_DIR in defaults.h. A leading full stop should be no problem.

      I plan to add some more options to the configuration files. dav_buckup_dir will probably be among them. But I will need some time.

      If you use the latest sources from CVS davfs2 should reuse your cached files in the backup directory with the new directory name. But there may be problems with sources that are older then this.


    • James Russell

      James Russell - 2006-09-01

      Hey Werner,

      Thank you for the prompt and helpful reply!

      I'm not too worried about the cache... I guess I can just rm everything just to be safe.

      best regards,

      p.s. -- Since I am "actively" using the v1 branch from roughly August 20, is there anything I can look out for to help make your development better? I am not a programmer :( so I cannot help you with the code.

    • Werner Baumann

      Werner Baumann - 2006-09-11

      Hello Jim,

      thanks for the offer. There are indeed some fields of possible bugs where it will be helpful if you have a close look at davfs2 and report any misbehaviour.

      Unexpected behaviour:
      This will be everything I did not think of. Please report if davfs2 does not behave the way you think it should (according to man page and README).

      Inconsistencies between the remote resource and what davfs2 shows and puts in the cache:
      - does davfs2 show old versions of a file allthough it had been changed on the server?
      - does davfs2 overwrite changes that have been made by another user, without the user knowing of this (of course it should overwrite when the user willingly changes the file)?
      - does davfs2 fail to make a local backup, if the file is changed remotely while it was open for writing localy?
      - does davfs2 make local backups allthough there is no apparent reason?

      Memory leaks:
      Davfs2 will dynamically allocate memory while it is running. The amount will be appr. 250 Byte for every file and every directory in the known part of your file system. So memory usage will increase as davfs2 gets to know new parts of your file system. But it should finally settle at a value that is appr. 250 Byte times the total number of files and directories. If memory usage keeps increasing beyond this value when running over a long period, there is a memory leak.
      You may run the tool
        pmap <pid of mount.davfs>
      from time to time. Output should start like this:
      4434:   /sbin/mount.davfs http://localhost/apache2-default/davfs2 /home/werner/local -o rw nosuid nodev noauto user uid=1000
      08048000     84K r-x--  /mount.davfs
      0805d000      4K rw---  /mount.davfs
      0805e000    140K rw---    [ anon ]
      40000000     88K r-x--  /ld-2.3.2.so
      40016000      4K rw---  /ld-2.3.2.so
      40017000      4K rw---    [ anon ]
      40025000    104K r-x--  /libneon.so.25.0.5
      4003f000      4K rw---  /libneon.so.25.0.5
      It is the first [ anon ] line that shows the dynamically allocated memory used by davfs2.



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