Server response: Bad Gateway

  • Charlie Smith

    Charlie Smith - 2006-09-20

    For HTTP::DAV
    By using http, rather than https, in the protocol for the url, put method works from local cli call where program on same server as web site/web dav area.
    However, when perl routine invoked from another server, we need to use https to get put to work.

    Current Problem: Invoking the HTTP::DAV copy method does not work locally.

    Requirements now require us to use the copy or move method. These do not work
    with either protocol (http or https) from the web site server cli. However, same code works, with copy, works from
    another server.

    The reponse from the call is "Server response: Bad Gateway"

    Please assist.


    • Werner Baumann

      Werner Baumann - 2006-09-21

      Hello Charlie,

      is this really about davfs2 (Linux WebDAV File System)?


    • Charlie Smith

      Charlie Smith - 2006-10-03

      Actually, is about perldav.  Is there a more appropriate forum to post this question to?

    • Werner Baumann

      Werner Baumann - 2006-10-08
      • Charlie Smith

        Charlie Smith - 2006-10-09

        Thanks very much.


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