Transport endpoint is not connected

  • Thomas Carrie

    Thomas Carrie - 2009-01-17

    I am using davfs 1.3.0 with fuse from kernel 2.6.27.

    I mount successfully my WebDAV server over HTTPS :

    $ mount
    cp: no se puede efectuar `stat' sobre «/usr/share/davfs2/secrets»: No existe el fichero o el directorio
    Please enter the username to authenticate with server or hit enter for none.
    Please enter the password to decrypt client
    certificate /home/thocar/.davfs2/certs/private/thomas.carrie.p12.
    /sbin/mount.davfs: the server certificate is not trusted
      issuer:      Thomas Carrie, Thomas Carrie, Paris, IDF, FR
    You only should accept this certificate, if you can
    verify the fingerprint! The server might be faked
    or there might be a man-in-the-middle-attack.
    Accept certificate for this session? [y,N] y

    $ mount | grep http on /media/mysite type davfs (rw,nosuid,noexec,nodev,_netdev,user=thocar)

    $ cd /media/mysite
    bash: cd: /media/mysite
    : Transport endpoint is not connected

    • Werner Baumann

      Werner Baumann - 2009-01-17

      Please use version 1.3.3 which has been released to fix bugs in versions 1.3.0 to 1.3.2.

      cp: no se puede efectuar `stat' sobre «/usr/share/davfs2/secrets»: No existe el fichero o el directorio
      The missing file is created by the install process. So something went wrong with the installation or somebody removed this file. If you got the davfs2-package from your GNU/Linux distribution you should file a bugreport about this.



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