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Verison 1.4. released

Some new features added:
Qualitybar to selesct JPEG file quality
Peview feature
Some icons.
Little bugs corrected.

Posted by Bashir Magomedov 2005-03-16

Version 1.3. released

Some format conversion bugs fixed. Tiff stamping abbility added. Tiff ifcon added. Almost whole code was commented (in .Net XML temlate).

Posted by Bashir Magomedov 2005-03-09

Version 1.2. released

Some new features was added. Such as context menu, which allows to Open, Rename and Delete file(s). Tollbar with icons. Also file-format icons was added. To save program proprties, XML format used.

Posted by Bashir Magomedov 2005-02-28

Version 1.1. released

DPI bug was found in previous version of program. Then user tries to stamp picture with more than 72 dpi X/Y resolution, it has some distortion and stamped on wrong place. Now it fixed.

Posted by Bashir Magomedov 2005-02-21

Version 1.0 released

Work on preparing and releasing first version of product just finished. First release allows user to configure label (date or/and time, obtained from EXIF metadata) and stamp it on selected corner of digital picture. String adding feature also provided. Stamping group of pictures is allowed.

Posted by Bashir Magomedov 2005-02-08