#6 Translation issues


1. Add the Dutch translation provided on patch ticket 1816739.

2. Patch for bug 933526 needs to be applied to resolve Group By issue (needs to be confirmed first, but I have complete confidence in Jonathan Marsden who researched this and wrote the patch.

3. As pointed out by Jonathan, there appears to be a lot of missing string in various message bundles. At a minimum, all keys should be present in all bundles, even if English strings are used.

4. Contact all the people listed in the credits that did translations and see if they are willing to update the bundles. If not, at least #3 above will ensure English versions are present at least (any chance exceptions are thrown if a string is found missing anywhere? Not sure, but better to avoid the possibility entirely by ensuring all keys are present).


  • Frank W. Zammetti

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    Originator: YES

    #1 and #2 have been done.

  • Jonathan Marsden

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    Originator: NO

    One interesting (?) possibility for this,
    in the absence of lots of translators,
    might be to load the default (English) properties
    file, and then create a second properties
    instance using the first as its default, and then
    load it with the desired language properties file.

    This way, any property *not* in the language one
    would by definition use the English equivalent!
    So there would be no need to edit the properties
    files at all to get the desired effect.

    Based on the tutorial example at:


    this is exactly how properties are intended to
    be used.

    The only downside I can think of is that this could
    give some users a set of shortcut keystrokes that
    are English-based, or a confusing mishmash of
    keystrokes to use if the desired language properties
    file has some, but not all, such keystrokes defined.

    This is a fairly radical change to the way DV uses
    properties, so I'd like some sort of consensus that
    it looks appropriate, from you and/or Jim, before I
    attempt to code it up and see what happens :-)



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