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  • audias

    audias - 2003-07-08

    I work with DV 7.0.9 on DB2 database (mainframe V7). I have no problem to connect to database and create a simple report on one table but i can't define a join on two tables : java process are waiting without any message and i must cancel java windows to stop the process. Anyone have a idea ? Thanks

    • Jim Menard

      Jim Menard - 2003-07-08

      Is it hanging before displaying the join dialog? That's because the join dialog has to retrieve the list of all database tables and columns. If you have a large database, this can take a long, long time.

      DataVision was changed to avoid having to ask for all tables and columns except in a few places. That's one of the places.

      I hope to be able to redesign DataVision to avoid this (for example, only ask for table names first then only get column names one table at a time).

      • Jim Menard

        Jim Menard - 2003-07-08

        One more comment: if a large database schema is the problem, perhaps you can set up a second schema and make public in that second schema only the tables from the first schema that you need for your report.

    • audias

      audias - 2003-07-10

      Thank for your response. It was the problem.
      i  found a solution with parameter of DB2/CAE to restrict access at only view number of database and a restrict on system tables.

      In a new release of DV, i think it will be interesting to have the possibility to define all join for a database (or schema) in a special file. It's a work very complex for an "end user". Or other possibility it's to restrict table and colonn in join dialog at the tables selected in the report ?

      Thank for all.

      • Jim Menard

        Jim Menard - 2003-07-10

        You can define joins yourself outside of DataVision by editing the report XML manually.

        I've added your suggestion about restricting the join tables to the To Do list.

    • JEP

      JEP - 2005-01-10

      Hi! i'm trying to connect to db2 installed in my server running linux suse standard server 8 from my desktop running linix suse 9 profesional. i'm trying to do this with datadirect jdbc drivers v3.1

      which drivers are you using and how you connect to db2?


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