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  • maxsimon

    maxsimon - 2008-12-18

    Dear Friends

    I have a netbeans application project with a datavision xml report file. When the project is build it create a jar file and a directoy called "lib" in which datavision.jar reside (and others jar files).  the report xml file is inside the jar file... i put the image inside the jar file in the same place where the report xml reside and set the image url like file://image.jpg and /image.jpg, but both send an error in runtime (can`t find the image).

    • maxsimon

      maxsimon - 2008-12-18

      sorry, i did a mistake puting this message in open discission... i copy this in help forum

    • Frank W. Zammetti


      I've never tried to use a file:// location in a report, I'm not sure if that would ever work... I would suggest this... place the file in a known location on your file system (c:\temp for example, assuming Windows), load the file in your web browser and copy the URL it generates.  That way you know it's correct.  Use that in your report and see if it works.  That will at least prove that *can* work.

      To the best of my memory, which is flaky because the last time I personally tried to use an image in a report was literally years ago, the URL has to adhere to the Java URL class scheme, which I kinda remember not including file:// addresses.  I could be wrong about this, but that's why I suggested the test above, no need to rely on my memory at all when a simple test will give you the answer :)



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