DataVision Future

  • asjones

    I was curious what the future holds for DataVision?

    In looking around I have not see much to indicate new version anytime soon.  The page list news from 2004.

    DataVision looks like a really good program, I was just getting worried that we had not seen much new in a while.

    I was disappointed nobody mentioned DataVison on the Slashdot page

    Any thoughts from others?


    • Well, I know speaking for myself, I have not yet had much time to work on DV since being added to the project.  I went from writing one book to another now, as well as getting very busy at work the past few months, so not much has come from my direction, nor can I see much coming from me over the next few months.

      I do intend to try and find some time to at the least apply the few patches that have been submitted to date... although, any that aren't patches against 1.0.0 I may just drop, just to make life a little easier.  This isn't for sure though, just a thought.

      Anyway... I think this is actually an opportunity for others... if you, or anyone else, wants to develop DV further, now is probably a great time to do so!  I think as with any open-source project, the existing team members would have to develop a certian trust level in someone, and this happens by submitting patches.  After a while, we would see that you know your a** from your elbow, to be blunt, and invite you on to the team, at which point you could work on DV yourself without any obstacles.

      I suspect, speaking for myself anyway, that the bar for admission, so to speak, might be a bit lower right now... not in terms of quality of course, obviously we have to be comfortable that anyone invited in knows what they are doing... but in the past if 3-4 patches might be sufficient, maybe now only 2-3 would be required, heck, maybe even one good one!

      Most importantly though, we'd like to invite people who want to actively work on DV, that's the most important consideration.

      The bottom line though is that anyone interested in seeing DV develop further should feel quite free to have at it, don't wait for me or Jim!  Grab the source, submit some patches (which by the way don't just have to be bug fixes) and go from there.  If you see that we (mostly I at this point, as Jim has stated he doesn't really have much time for DV development any more) haven't applied your patches in a reasonable amount of time (4 weeks at the most I'd say is reasonable), then by all means nudge me!  I may not see the patch immediately, and sometimes a little polite prodding is needed regardless :)

      It's always helpful to submit feature requests, it's the only way to know what people want in DV.  But, patches are always worth more :)  Even if I had 90% of my time for DV, there's no way I could get to everything, aside from the fact that Jim is the only true expert (that I know of) when it comes to the code anyway, so you may well save me the time it would have taken to figure out how to implement something anyway.

      But again: HAVE AT IT!  Whoever wants to see DV continue to grow, make it so!