Datavision on OS X 10.4 - Intel

  • laurentades

    laurentades - 2007-08-17


    I'm tryning to run Datavision from a Mac OS X (10.4) Intel box.

    I follow the installation and start process as described and everything seems to be fine : I start through the terminal (sh I have the startup screen, i get the login prompt which seems to be successfull (no error) ... Then i get the report generator window BUT i get no database field retrieved from the "Fields" pop-up window ....

    I use MySQL 5 as a DB...

    I am trying both jdbc drivers from mysql : (mysql-connector-java-3.1.14 as well as mysql-connector-java-5.0.7)

    Driver Class Name : com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
    Connection Info : jdbc:mysql://localhost/opentaps
    Database Name : opentaps

    Any idea ?



    • Jim Menard

      Jim Menard - 2007-08-17

      Are you opening the "All Database Fields" folder in that window? The "Fields" folder contains fields that are already in the report; the "All Database Fields" contains all tables and columns in the database.

      I just now ran DataVision on Mac OS X 10.4.10 using the 5.0.7 MySQL driver, and it worked just fine. My driver class name was the same as yours, connection info was jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/backoffice_dev_jimm (the port ":3306" isn't necessary") and database name was backoffice_dev_jimm.

      I'm not sure what else to suggest. If you have any further questions, the mailing list is a much better place to get answers.

      • laurentades

        laurentades - 2007-08-18

        ...ok... shame on me....

        i actually had not double-clicked on the folder .... :-s




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