Which pass and username do we enter

  • wfmc-jbpm-tma

    wfmc-jbpm-tma - 2005-04-05

    I run example datavision.jsp in Datavision but having a promt enter username and password but i don't know them. Please guide me, i have read and following the instructions but not...yet

    • Jim Menard

      Jim Menard - 2005-04-05

      The JSP is reading a report XML file that describes a database connection. It is asking for the database username and password.

      If you have not modified the report XML, then most likely the connection will fail, since the driver and connection info in the example is for my test database. You need to specify the driver and connection info for your database.

    • wfmc-jbpm-tma

      wfmc-jbpm-tma - 2005-04-06

      To use yrs test database, which pass is entered? because i want to run them. if any u guide me how to modified the report XML.

      • Jim Menard

        Jim Menard - 2005-04-06

        I can't tell you what username and password to use, because it's your database and you created the username and password.

        To modify the report XML, open it in any text editor. Search for "driverClassName", and that will bring you to the line that contains all of the database information.

        To create the test database, type "make postgres", "make mysql", or "make oracle". You can also try either "ant postgresql" or "ant mysql"; they should work, too.


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